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“Please allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for being a supporter of the Republican Party in Cambria County. The number of Republican registered voters has grown by over 20 percent in the past four years. This growth is due to individuals like you who have spread the word about our great party, our conservative values, and our candidates.”

- Jackie Kulback


The vision of the Cambria County Republican Committee is to be the leader for honest, effective and responsive government in Cambria County.


In addition to supporting the Party, the Republican Party of Cambria County will organize efforts to educate the voters of the county on issues relevant to all county residents; work with interested persons in developing them as candidates for elected positions; improve county-wide fundraising; support economic efforts that create quality jobs which improve the county for future generations; and promote Republican registration county-wide.


  • To foster the growth and prosperity of all residents of our county, our region and our country
  • To support honest, effective & responsible elected leadership and governance
  • To increase the number of Republican Elected Officials in Cambria County
  • To encourage and support our Republican Principles

Message from the Team

The Cambria County Republican Committee and its team of 2019 candidates are running a campaign not merely to secure elected offices. Our campaign will also be focused on insuring that Cambria County retains its status as a fourth class county along with the services that are afforded to our residents by that status.

According to the U.S. Census, our county had a population of 143,679 in 2010, which is below the minimum requirement of 145,000 necessary to remain a fourth class county. The Census Bureau estimated that our county population decreased by 7.4% in 2017. Should Cambria County remain below a population of 145,000 when the U.S. Census is conducted in 2020, we will be reduced to a fifth class county.

This reduction in class will result in decreased public services to our residents. The number of Judges of the Court of Common Pleas, Magisterial Districts and other county offices and services could subsequently be reduced. In the not so distant past, we had 11 Magisterial Districts. Because of decreasing population, we now have eight.

Our campaign will focus on ways to increase our population and services, rather than decrease them.

Our current elected officials have done little to nothing to encourage business, industry and more importantly, people to make Cambria County their home. They continue to govern on a day to day basis as they watch our youth and others leave here to relocate to other areas where their employment opportunities are significantly greater.

Current elected officials will boast that they twice lowered county taxes. However, they will conveniently neglect to inform residents that they first raised taxes by 5 mills before twice lowering them ½ mill. They recently, and previously, sought and received court approval to tax residents at a rate that is 2 mills higher than allowed without court approval.

It seems that our current elected officials are content to strive to maintain the status quo rather than seek to improve and move forward. Our committee and team of candidates find maintaining (and often falling below) the status quo is totally unacceptable. The residents of Cambria County deserve better.

For decades, leaders of this county have continued to govern in the same manner over and over again while expecting to achieve different results. This laissez-faire style of Cambria County Government continues to this day.

It’s time for major change in the way our elected officials do business. That requires a major change in leadership. Our team can provide that change.

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President Trump

Congressman GT Thompson

Congressman Jim Joyce

Auditor General Candidate Tim Defoor

Attorney General Candidate Heather Heidelbaugh

Treasurer Candidate Stacy Garrity

State Senate Wayne Langerholc

RNC Delegate - Jim Vasilko

State Rep Tommy Sankey

State Rep Jim Rigby

State Rep Howard Terndrup

Committee Members

Chairwoman Jackie Kulback

1st Vice Chair Steve Dillon

2nd Vice Chair John Pudliner

Secretary Alice Bragdon

Treasurer Dale Gray